Paul has cooking BBQ for some time. He has studied BBQ with some of the best Pitmasters in the business, Harry Soo from Slap Yo' Daddy BBQ and Steve Botkin of Desperado BBQ. He has a passion for BBQ and is constantly trying to perfect his craft. When he isn't smoking meat, you can find him building smokers and teaching others the foundations to become a great Pitmaster.


Corey is known as the mad-scientist of the Howzit BBQ Team. He is constantly experimenting with new rubs, sauces, and injections. Never satisfied, Corey is always pursuing new flavors and cooking techniques in his quest for the perfect BBQ. When not cooking, Corey can be found in the garden or in the kitchen canning his own jellies, jams, and sauces.


Ron is Howzit BBQs Box Maker Extraordinaire. In addition to cooking on the team, Ron is responsible for building all of the Howzit BBQ turn-in boxes. Ron has scored perfect in appearance in all the categories and contests that his boxes have been submitted. His meticulous and fastidious nature makes him the perfect quality control inspector. When he is not BBQing, you can find Ron watching sports at either a Dodger or Charger game.

Family & Friends...

Last but certainly not least, Howzit BBQ relies on the unwavering support from our families and our friends. You dont think the three of us could actually do all this ourselves, did you? It takes a village. We are extremely fortunate to have an amazing group people on our Howzit BBQ Extended Team. You will see them at every event, setting up, packing up, serving People’s Choice, or helping with the many many chores that go into winning a KCBS BBQ competition.