The 17th Annual Burnt Offerings KCBS Competitive BBQ Competition. Held in Riverside at the Magnolia Church the event focused on Whole Chicken, Pork ribs, Pork Butt, & Tri tip. A showcase event was optional for teams competing. there were 19 teams competing in the competition this year, which was held on October 8th – 9th. Unlike prior years, this years event included People’s Choice as opposed to the Food Fest of prior years. The difference is people wishing to sample People’s Choice BBQ needed to purchase food tickets.

For more information about competing in the next Burnt Offerings Competition, contact Jim Palmer (

Congratulations to El Cortez for winning Grand Champion Team!

Congratulations to In Flamma Bull for winning the extremely challenging Showcase Event.

The Teams that participated in finishing order:

  1. El Cortez Competition BBQ – Grand Champion Team
  2. Howzit BBQ – Reserve Grand Champion Team
  3. ANT’s Backyard BBQ
  4. Cool Grilling
  5. Dee’s Boy’z BBQ
  6. Dad’s Chillin’ & Grillin’ BBQ
  7. Willy’s Smoke N’ Grill
  8. Bandits Backyard BBQ
  9. Shadrack, Meshack, and BBQ
  10. The Mission BBQ
  11. Blackjack BBQ
  12. Blazin’ Barrels BBQ
  13. Montia’s Pythons in Search of the Holy Grill
  14. In Flamma Bull
  15. GT BBQ
  16. 951 BBQ
  17. Two Brothers Barbeque
  18. Fire Breathin’ Bros
  19. Whiskey Tango Que
Howzit BBQ Cook site
Whole Chicken Resting in the Cambro
2nd Place Ribs
2nd Place Pork
5th Place chicken
16th Place Tri tip
...and no we were not happy with how it came out. LOL
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